How is life around Portland, Oregon? Is it a good place to move to for college?

How is life around Portland, Oregon? Is it a good place to move to for college?

I've been thinking of moving to the Portland, Oregon area. I want to attend a community college around the Portland-Vancouver Area and also I've been thinking about Seattle, WA too. I want to move away from California. I need a new start.

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9 Responses to “How is life around Portland, Oregon? Is it a good place to move to for college?”

  1. Rhia says:

    I love Portland! It great! It has a bunch of cute little banquettes for shopping beautiful mountains and the river is amazing! and A great place to make a fresh start!

  2. Melanie D says:

    Portland is a cool place for a college student to live. CC tuition is higher here than it is in CA- About $900 per quarter. If you like doing online classes, consider enrolling in Salem’s community college, Chemeketa. They have a lot of online offerings. If you want to live in Portland, Portland CC is a good/large cc and has 3 campuses. Mt. Hood is in Gresham, just outside of Portland, and is a very nice campus as well.

  3. Mrs.X says:

    Portland is a great place. I moved here when I turned 18 from the Bay Area. It’s much more affordable here.

    I think I read somewhere that PCCs credits are non-transferable to UofO and Oregon State. I’m not sure though, so you might want to look into that if you were thinking of transferring to a university after your general ed is done.

  4. JB[?] says:

    In my opinion, Portland would be the BEST place you could move, it’s SO beautiful for a big city..

  5. alejandro says:

    portland is a great city. there are good areas and bad areas. but its a pretty much a great place to live.

  6. John says:

    Portland rules! Especially night life is awesome

  7. Divaorah says:

    I am interested in moving to Portland after hearing good things from friends and researching the city on several websites. I think the positive definitely outweighs the negative. Good luck!!

    The following websites will give you info about Portland, including the local universities:

  8. chaoticfree1 says:

    Since your from California and it is probably always warm, I would say go ahead. I’m from portland and I personally don’t like it here because it rains every other day and Im sick of it, but I really don’t know how people from out of state view rain. If rain is not your thing than I do not suggest going up to going up to Seattle…

  9. Pixieland06 says:

    I’ve been living in Portland all my life. Portland, Oregon is my favorite place in the world! It’s beautiful, clean, the weather is beautiful, and we just get a little of everything. Come to Portland, you’ll be so happy you did!

    My mom chose Portland instead of Seattle as a medical student, she is so glad she made that choice. In my opinion, Portland is better than Seattle, way prettier!

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