Is Portland Oregon getting a pro baseball team?

Is Portland Oregon getting a pro baseball team?

I think it just fits.It is a big enough city to support a team,and they could build a stadium like the mariners for when it rains.I already have a few nicknames that i think could work. the Oregon Cascades or the Portland Trappers(or oregon)what do you think?

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7 Responses to “Is Portland Oregon getting a pro baseball team?”

  1. =D says:

    idk…if we made a team in oregon…then wed have to make another team to make it even

  2. elias says:

    Well if they do, they will most definitely by in the AL West.

  3. throw_strikes2006 says:

    They have a AAA team, the Portland Beavers an affiliate of the SanDiego Padres.

  4. Buck says:

    No because the Seattle Mariners represent the Pacific Northwest.

  5. tfoley5000 says:

    Yes they will someday If expansion or the Florida Marlins give it up to Portland Oregon then Baseball will be a reality in the City of Roses, they got a NBA Team, can get a NHL Team too Major League Baseball must be a Shoe-in for Portland.

  6. minor league fan says:

    Not anytime soon. Baseball will not be expanding anytime soon because there is not enough good talent to go aropund now and some teams are in financial difficulty. The only way they will get a team is if one like the Marlins decided to move.

  7. desertviking_00 says:

    They have a pro team. The Portland Beavers of the Triple A Pacific Coast League. They also have a fine old ball park with ivy on the original outfield walls and a manual scoreboard just like Wrigley Field. But, their attendance does not lend itself to consideration for Portland as a new site for a major league team (I think that’s what you meant to write). If any current minor league city should get an MLB team it should be Memphis, Tennessee. Years ago, when the Memphis Chicks of the old American Association folded, the people got together, formed a community organization, built a beautiful new minor league park, got a major corporation to put its “brand” on the park and convinced the Pacific Coast League to make Memphis the first expansion team in fifty years in that league.
    Those fans nearly fill Auto Zone Park every night. Including Monday nights, which is a tough sell in the minors. So, when you add things up, Memphis shows a love for the game. Move the Royals there.

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