Where can I find a place to exchange euros to dollars in portland oregon?

Where can I find a place to exchange euros to dollars in portland oregon?

I'm buying something for a friend in europe and WaMu won't exchange euros to dollars, so where can I find somewhere in portland oregon to exchange them to dollars?

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8 Responses to “Where can I find a place to exchange euros to dollars in portland oregon?”

  1. Bill M says:

    Use your credit card if you have one.

  2. ? says:

    Keep them… they’ll be worth more in a few years. You make more money off the e-$ appreciation than the interest rate at the bank.

  3. Dee says:

    Go to PDX airport. They have currency exchange booths in there for the international flights.

  4. mccleary97502 says:

    I use Bank of America. I purchase Euros there before a trip and when I return, I deposit the left over Euros into my account at the current exchange rate.

  5. JOHN B says:

    Here are two locations you might try. You can telephone for directions if you are driving (one location is at the Portland Airport:
    Foreign Currency Exchange by Travelex Currency
    (503) 222-7483

    900 Sw 6th Ave, Portland, OR

    Foreign Currency Exchange by Travelex Currency
    (503) 281-3045

    7000 Ne Airport Way, #2161, Portland, OR

  6. Just wanted to let you know that if your only two choices are B of A or TravelEx, go with B of A. Unless you don’t have an account with them. TravelEx will give you the least for your foreign currency, we have tested that time and time again. We can purchase your foreign currency, but you would have to ship it to us. Give us a call 888.278.6628 and see for yourself. I

  7. californiasailor says:

    Keep the Euros. Do not exchange them to the US dollar….believe you me, our economy is going to need drug cartel money to get back after this obama idiot did what he did…

  8. Obama supporter says:

    Californiasailor, what did Obama do other than make America a better place just by taking an oath? What does drug cartel money have to do with this? Wouldn’t money from the drug cartel be illegal? What if this person needs cash to spend right now in Portland? I’m just not sure how your comment is very helpful to this person.

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